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Инверторная технология

Selco Inverters: practical experience

The arrival of inverter technology in arc welding power sources represented a major step forwards.

The benefits in terms of system design and usability are many:

  • dramatic reduction in size and weight
  • reduction in electrical energy costs
  • extremely effective and flexible arc control

Selco was among the first manufacturers to develop this particular technology, having presented to the market the first welding generator based on resonant inverter circuit, the core technology on which they are made inverters today.

The key component in Selco’s welding power sources is Selco’s own, patented, Multiline Three Level® inverter. This modern and technically advanced inverter delivers unbeatable performance and reliability over time. It also gives significant advantages in terms of arc control speed, complete function management, adaptability to different processes and applications, accuracy and repeatability.

GDS 4721